What is waterproof flooring that is water-resistant?

What is waterproof flooring that is water-resistant?

Water-resistant flooring features materials that resist moisture for a certain amount of time. It's perfect in spaces where you can get to messes soon after they happen.

But waterproof flooring is entirely resistant to water damage of any kind. That means it could withstand even flood conditions with no problems.

How do these products differ from one another?

The construction of waterproof flooring includes specific products and materials. For example, vinyl and core components like wood or stone plastic composite ensure complete protection.

These materials will eventually take on damage from humidity and dampness. In addition, water-resistant flooring used to construct them are prone to damage after a while.?

How long do water-resistant floors protect?

The protection you receive from water-resistant materials depends on the product chosen. Some offer protection for up to 72 hours but speak with your associate.

If you're in a situation where you can clean up moisture fast, these floors are a good choice. But if you may not get to them in time, you'll want to step up your protection.

Assess your needs before buying

The best floor covering is the one that meets most or all your needs, like waterproof vinyl flooring. As you shop, compare them with the characteristics you find in these materials.

Once you choose the closest match, you'll know you have the floor covering that will serve you well. And we can help when you visit us any time you're in the area.

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