Vinyl Flooring in Fort Mill, SC from Flooring Clearance Center

What Types of Flooring Vinyl Plank Installs Best Over

Before delving into compatible subfloors, let's familiarize ourselves with vinyl plank flooring. Unlike traditional vinyl sheets, vinyl plank flooring mimics the look and texture of hardwood planks, offering a realistic wood-like appearance without the high maintenance. It's composed of multiple layers, including a wear layer, vinyl layer, core layer, and backing layer, ensuring durability and water resistance.

The Ideal Subfloors for Vinyl Plank Installation

  1. Plywood Subfloors: Plywood serves as an excellent subfloor for vinyl plank installation. Ensure the plywood is structurally sound, flat, clean, and dry before proceeding with the installation. Any imperfections in the plywood can result in an uneven vinyl plank surface.
  2. Concrete Subfloors: Concrete subfloors are common in both residential and commercial spaces. Before installing vinyl plank flooring over concrete, it's crucial to address any moisture issues. Use a moisture barrier or primer to prevent moisture from seeping into the vinyl planks, which can cause damage over time.
  3. Existing Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring: If you're renovating a space with existing vinyl or linoleum flooring, you can install vinyl plank flooring directly over it. Ensure the existing flooring is clean, level, and free of any loose edges or imperfections that may affect the new installation.
  4. Ceramic Tile Subfloors: Vinyl plank flooring can be installed over ceramic tile subfloors with proper preparation. Fill in any grout lines or cracks to create a smooth surface for the vinyl planks. Additionally, consider using a self-leveling compound to even out any uneven areas before installation.
  5. Wood Subfloors: While vinyl plank flooring can be installed over wood subfloors, it's essential to address any issues such as squeaks or unevenness beforehand. Secure loose boards, sand down high spots, and fill in gaps to create a level surface for the vinyl planks.

Professional Installation Services at Flooring Clearance Center

At Flooring Clearance Center, we understand the importance of a flawless flooring installation. That's why we offer professional installation services to ensure your vinyl plank flooring is installed correctly and efficiently. Our team of experienced installers will assess your subfloor, prepare it accordingly, and expertly install your vinyl plank flooring for long-lasting beauty and durability.

Whether you're working with plywood, concrete, existing flooring, ceramic tile, or wood subfloors, proper preparation is essential for a successful installation. At Flooring Clearance Center, we're here to guide you through every step of the process and help you achieve the flooring of your dreams. Visit our showrooms in Fort Mill, SC, and Monroe, NC, to explore our wide selection of vinyl plank flooring options and get started on your next project today!